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Electron diffraction patterns provide rich crystallographic information about the specimen, which can be used to determine material structures, atomic displacements, and structural modulations in crystals. The increase of availability of direct detector technology, such as the Gatan K3® IS direct detection camera, has helped to propel the popularity for 4D STEM measurements.

 This half-day virtual workshop will include lectures, live data acquisition, and data processing demonstrations using Gatan hardware and DigitalMicrograph® software, as well as a discussion and Q/A session. As a course attendee, you will learn the fundamentals of 4D STEM, best practices to set up and optimize your microscope, 4D STEM pixelated detector and experimental protocols, and methods to analyze 4D datasets via DigitalMicrograph and/or Python.


Roberto dos Reis, Paul Jozef Matheus Smeets, Stephanie M. Ribet, Northwestern University (NUANCE)

Anahita Pakzad, Gatan

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